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Ser MedievaL

I’ve always loved the Medieval era, seemed like things were more simple back then. Even with all the issues with disease and hardship I still envy that period of time. And it’s one I wish I lived in. I needed to find a way to express what I want to be and what I believe in.

So I chose Ser Medieval so I could aspire to have the qualities of a knight in the modern era. And express myself doing what I love best, gaming! As cheesy as that sounds.

Hail m’ lords and ladies, name’s Medieval.

Variety Content Creator (PC),Game Reviews, Game Guides, Gaming News, Let’s Plays
22 YO, my favorite genres of games include RPGs, MMORPGs, Sandboxes, Action Games, and in the future, VR Games. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!


Hey guys, Vuzby here. I am 21 years of age, currently living in Ontario, Canada. Entertainment is what I am all about. From the time I was 6 years old, playing on the Nintendo 64, I fell in love with gaming and I eventually built my way to my own XBOX 360. After a couple of years went by, I turned towards PC gaming and I haven’t switched back to console since! I love aiming with a mouse, being precise, and being a clutch master.

A couple of my main strengths in gaming would be FPS games and I excel best in my top 4 streaming games, consisting of PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground),  Blackout (Blackops4), R6S (Rainbow Six Siege), and Fortnite.

If you’re looking for someone to chill and hang out with, come check me out on my Twitch Channel. I look forward to sharing my good vibes with you all.


HI, I am Michael aka Turrellvision

I am 25 years old and reside in lovely Adelaide, South Australia
I have been playing video games since i was about 4 years old and they have always had a special place in my heart.

I am mainly a battle royale and FPS gamer but I do dabble in some scary or role play games  when i get the chance.

I don’t see myself as a professional gamer, i am more about the entertainment, I could play at an extreme level and dazzle a few fans but i would rather make a group of people laugh instead

I’m just here to keep the positive vibes flowing and make sure that people end or start there day with a smile


My name is GabeMango. Believe it or not but Mango is my actual last name. Im 23 and I’ve been streaming for 3 years. I’ve been streaming since early 2016 vey causally until late 2017 when I started to take it more seriously. I pride myself with being a variety streamer. I play a wide variety of games and I love to get my friends involved.

Gaming has always been the most consistent thing for me. Growing up I did a lot of different things like wresting, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, theatre—but gaming has always been the one to hold my heart. I’ve been gaming since i was 5 when I got an N64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That’s when I fell in love with the storytelling and the experience that gaming provides.

Variety Content Creator
Favorite types of games:
Story  games-Red Dead 2, Spider-man, Assassins Creed, God of War
Multiplayer Games-Overwatch, Paladins, Call of Duty, Mario Party
Fighting Games-Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros
MMO-Destiny, Destiny 2, Division, Anthem
Indie Games-Cuphead. Celeste, Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight


Wassup! Name is Sidkriken but everyone calls me Sid or Krikey for short. I’m 22 and I’m currently located in Pennsylvania, USA. I’m a variety streamer and content creator and I’ve been streaming since 2010 on Twitch when it first started originally on JTV. But when I was younger managed to upgrade to a better computer and have been making videos on YouTube since 2012.

I’ve always enjoyed creating content and revolving around two of my favorite things to do which is play video games, being entertaining and interacting with people! I’m into always trying new games and such and don’t mind a competitive FPS or two to show some skills and “get gud” here or there. But there’s always my inner nerdy side calling me for a good RPG game once in a while.

As well I’m sure you’re wondering while reading this “This guys hair is insane how did he get it like that?!!” well about that. My hair wasn’t supposed to be the way you see it now it was meant to be a pompadour…yeah I’m glad it wasn’t a pompadour too now thinking about it!

The saying goes “Do what you love and you’ll feel like you never worked a day in your life” and that’s what I’ve felt and still feel to this day that i’m doing. As a super passionate person dedicated to entertaining , having fun and goofing around I’m all about it and I am always looking for a great time with friends and new like minded people alike!

Favorite Games : Fallout 3 , Yakuza , Any Rockstar Game Released , Ridge racer games , Spider Man 2