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Simple, striking and eye-catchingly effective, John “Sage” Matthews (@gfxbysage) explains the process behind designing the new logo.

“Through dozens of iterations and explorations, we went into how we could represent HYPER through a single pictogram and we finally settled upon the new H logo. We wanted to create a clean and striking look, concentrating on the lighter values of our chosen color scheme. We achieved this goal not long after putting pencil to paper, setting the tone and splitting the first atom in Hyper’s bright future.”

CEO of Hyper Esports, Stephanne “Zillions” L’Hommedieu (@ZZillions) further explained the themes in the new design.

“Here at Hyper Esports, we have been working for months to unveil a branding update that reflects the approach to esports that most succinctly describes the tone and goals for the organization. The circle around our iconic “H” represents our well-rounded approach to esports. The diagonal going from lower-left to upper-right isn’t a traditional lightning bolt that comes from the sky: it’s representative of the path one might create for themselves while they #FeelTheHype and reach for their goals.”

The new logo will be the official face of Hyper Esports, and just the first of many steps being taken to continue to grow and build Hyper into a strong a flexible brand that promotes our values of positivity, inclusivity, and integrity. We want to thank our amazing community for their continued support and would love to hear your feedback on the new look. It is an exciting time for Hyper Esports so make sure you’re following us on our social links below:




Community Discord

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Hyper Esports & Streaming Update Tue, 04 Jun 2019 14:00:42 +0000 Hey there Hyper family. In the past few weeks, there have been extensive discussions and hard work put into Hyper and the direction we as a staff group envision for the future. Through careful internal deliberation, we are announcing the following changes:

After consultation with the players, we are announcing Hyper’s formal withdrawal from the competitive Fortnite scene in both NA and OCE. In accordance with this, we will be releasing the following players: Swifty, Tsunami, Blessed, Lootcrate, and Zealous. Each of these players has demonstrated strong individual skill and passion and would be a fantastic addition to any team/organization. We wish all of these players the best of luck in the future endeavors and thank them for their contributions to Hyper.

Alongside this change, Deer ( & Tom ( will be transitioning into a primarily content creator/streamer role at Hyper and we look forward to growing together with them going into the future. If you haven’t yet, follow them on Twitch. Finally, we will be parting ways with Ser Medieval and Turrellvision as members of our stream team. Both Medieval and Turrell have been exceptionally dedicated members of our community and we know they will continue to entertain and grow on Twitch.

We believe these changes will keep Hyper focused and competitive as we look to streamline our eSports department and continue building our presence on Twitch. We have some big announcements coming your way and we are excited to share everything we have been working on with you very soon.

The Hyper Staff Team ~

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Twitter Giveaway Tue, 12 Feb 2019 03:42:11 +0000 Hey Hyper Fans! Our Twitter account has been updated to @FeelTheHypeGG and we’re giving away a customized jersey to celebrate! Check it out!

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CS:GO Season 30 Preview Mon, 14 Jan 2019 05:50:18 +0000 Season 30 of the ESEA League is fast approaching and one team looking to take the Intermediate League by storm is Hyper’s own CS:GO team! Led by Cabbage, things have already been looking up as the pre-season scrims places HyperEsports at 26-5 heading into the season.

Hyper acquired our current team during ESEA Season 29 and we were immediately impressed by their teamwork and dedication to the sport. Every team should be on the lookout for HyperEsports during this season as this team prepares to take the league by storm and rise through the Intermediate League of Season 30.

#FeeltheHype !⚡ this season as each match will be streamed from Cabbage’s perspective here: but don’t be surprised if you see some streams from our organization Twitch page here:

You can keep up-to-date with the team by visiting their ESEA page and following Hyper Esports on Twitter for the latest updates and information on when you can catch the CS:GO team in action.

Note from Stephanne (AKA @Zzillions), Owner:

This awesome team is being co-managed this season by James (AKA @Bond0788), and Reid (AKA @McGallon). We look forward to seeing their hard work help this team shine!

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Welcome Sidkriken!! Sun, 06 Jan 2019 18:23:55 +0000 Here at Hyper Esports we’ve got a truly majestic addition to our streaming team with Sidkriken. You can learn all about Sid over here on our Streamers page!

Be sure to catch Sidkriken on Twitch and Twitter! #FeelTheHype !⚡

And if you’re interested in joining Hyper Esports as a Player or Streamer please click on the Join Hyper link in the menu above!

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Fortnite Spray Giveaway! Thu, 20 Dec 2018 20:32:59 +0000 Hyper Esports Holidays Fortnite KAB-LLAMA Spray Giveaway!
Hyper Esports Holidays Fortnite KAB-LLAMA Spray Giveaway!

Happy Holidays from our family at Hyper Esports! We’re in the gift-giving mood and we’ve got not one but TWO!!! exclusive KAB-LLAMA sprays from Fortnite to give away!

Entering is easy! Simply reply to our giveaway post on any social media channel and tell us what your favorite Fortnite Dance or Emote is and why! You may retweet or repost our giveaway post for an extra entry!

Hyper Esports on Twitter
Hyper Esports on Instagram
Hyper Esports on Facebook

The Deets:

  • Entries are accepted until 11:59 pm CST on 12/24/2018.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and announced on 12/25/2018 so be sure to check back!
  • The KAB-LLAMA spray code EXPIRES on 12/31/2018 so redeem it quickly! We will not be able to replace any unredeemed codes, sorry! Winners are responsible for contacting Hyper Esports directly to recieve their codes before the expiration date.
  • Our contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
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Hyper at CWL Vegas. Mon, 10 Dec 2018 14:40:40 +0000 Hyper’s own Call of Duty team joined some of the best players around the World at the Call of Duty World League in Las Vegas. Our Team, consisting of Kyle “Shillin”, Dylan “Chamberz”, Duke “Graph”, Broosky “Eneq”, and Zach “Zachewawk”, stood confident as they faced against some of the Best Call of Duty Players out there. Hyper won their first round in the open winners round against MHP eSports in what became an exciting display of coordination and strategy. The Second round was a harder fight and Hyper lost the Second round against Giants.

Image result for cwl vegas

In the open losers bracket, Hyper kept their heads up high and the fingers on the buttons In the second round of the losers bracket, Hyper, more motivated and focused, took on and defeated Team Tynanps. Hyper’s esports path to the Losers Championship was halted in a hard fought battle with Impulse in the third round.

When I spoke with Team Manager Clay “Backwoods” about the overall performance of the team, he said, “They played well and tied the map 2-2. Sadly, the last round didn’t go in our favor, ending our CWL Vegas weekend. It was great experience for the team, and it should make CWL Fort Worth a lot more interesting for Hyper.”

While CWL Vegas may not have ended in Hyper’s Favor, the story of our great team is far from over. With Vegas in the rear view mirror, our eyes on on CWL Fort Worth. Stay tuned to #FeelTheHype!

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Welcome Our New Call of Duty Team Thu, 08 Nov 2018 15:21:34 +0000 Hyper’s Call of Duty team is back and better than ever!

CWL Vegas – here we come! Hyper Esports have acquired a team that is ready to make a name for themselves. The team consists of Duke “Graph” Bosley, Kyle “Shillin” Shilling, and Michael “Eneq” Brooks, who have been teaming since Call of Duty: WWII. Rounding out the team is Zach “EwawK” DeFries and in his first year competing, Dylan “Chamberz” Chambers. Duke “Graph” Bosley serves as captain of the team. With the team assembled and Black Ops 4 finally releasing, the team is ready to put in work.

The team’s first event will be CWL Vegas on December 7 – December 9. The squad has been hard at work since Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released. You can find the team grinding everyday and getting better at their craft. Look for this team to make some noise at CWL Vegas! With a new Call of Duty title finally here, the Call of Duty season is in full effect.

When asked what the team thought of Black Ops 4’s competitive side and thoughts on competing at future LAN events, the team had this to say.

Duke “Graph” Bosley: I think BO4 competitively can be the best Call of Duty to date. It’s still early on and there needs to be some tweaks to the game and rule set. But the game itself is great. Seeing Scump hit 100k+ last night just shows me that Call of Duty is in for a good year. Competing on LAN is so much fun. It brings out the best in everyone and sometimes the worst. But the best team in that match really does win. There are no excuses when you’re there. I think the most underrated thing from LAN events is that you’re in an atmosphere where everyone that’s there is there because they have the same passion as you do… competing. And I think that’s just really great.

Dylan “Chamberz” Chambers: I personally love it. A few bans to the ruleset and I really feel like we have the greatest year of Call of Duty yet. This game feels so smooth to play, and so entertaining to watch and study. Call of Duty esports is back this year and I’m excited to be apart of it. I’ve never played at a Major event but boy am I excited to play at Vegas. I thrive in those hype atmospheres and I really think it’s gonna make me play my best Call of Duty and we’re gonna turn some heads at Vegas. Just the thought of sitting down at the station and putting your headset on and cranking it up and locking in, it’s just you and the game and some of your best friends having a great time doing what you all love to do, gives me chills. I can’t wait.

Michael “Eneq” Brooks: I think the competitive side of Call of Duty is in an interesting place right now. I feel like in the current state, it’s a little too much like a pub, but I think with a few minor tweaks, it could be incredible. This game so far is shaping up to be an amazing game and Treyarch never disappoints, so I’m really excited. In terms of competing, this past year was my first time competing on LAN. I’ve always been a super competitive person so being able to show up to LAN and prove I’m better than someone else was an awesome feeling and I can’t wait to do it again. The whole atmosphere is awesome. Everyone there is there for the same reason. The trash talk is my favorite part. During the match there’s no mercy, but the second the match is done, that’s all over. Everyone is friends again. It’s really a cool situation. I also couldn’t be more excited for Vegas. First event of the year, a chance to prove our talent, and of course it’s Vegas.

Kyle “Shillin” Shilling: Black Ops 4 competitive is going to be really exciting. Treyarch games always bring in a lot of spectators and a lot of new people coming to competitive. Coming from WW2, everyone has a lot to learn going into this fast paced 5v5 game. CWL Las Vegas is going to be an amazing event. Whoever learns the game the fastest is going to be best suited for Vegas and other early events. With this team, we all put in the time in and out of playing to learn everything we can.

More importantly, Zach “EwawK” DeFries shared the most interesting thought from the entire team.

Zach “EwawK” DeFries: My job is to make sure Dylan doesn’t pee his pants.

There you have it folks! With CWL Vegas getting closer and closer, the team continues their grind.

For more updates, be sure to follow our Twitter to keep up to date with the Call of Duty team and all things Hyper. #FeelTheHype

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Hyper Team Update: CS:GO ESEA League Mon, 02 Jul 2018 17:25:51 +0000 Hyper’s own competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive is taking the ESEA (Esports Entertainment Association) Main Division by storm and they are showing no signs of slowing down. They are now 8-4 in the league: defeating teams such as Ohio State University, “Thunderstruck”, and “Devils Lettuce”.

Arbiter, N1ko, Turku, Botsanity, FreeFallen and BazE are the players that make up Hypers CS:GO team and it is through their training, dedication, teamwork, and a few clutch plays they are each putting the HYPE in Hyper. Their next game is on July Fifth against “no u”. This will be Hyper’s 13th game in the Main Division this season. is the place to be if you want to watch Hyper’s CS:GO Team climb the ESEA ladder or watch one of our other fine teams that compete in the hottest games in the scene. You can stay up to date on how Hyper’s CS:GO team is doing in the ESEA here:

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Hyper welcomes a new Call of Duty team! Sun, 20 May 2018 16:55:04 +0000 Hyper is very proud to announce that we have welcomed a Call of Duty team into our organization. The team is comprised of four very talented individuals, FLUX, JXHMPZ. DRRXW And LUKU! I was able to sit down with FLUX and ask him a few questions about him and the team.

   Me: How long have you been a team?

FLUX: We have had the same team of 3 since the beginning of the game in November (jxhmpz, luku, me). We have Been playing as a team of 4 with DRRXW for about a month now.

   Me: How did you guys meet?

FLUX:We all met about 3 years ago at a local lan and have been friends ever since. We played games all the time even before teaming.

   Me: What level of competition do you guys compete in?

FLUX:  Right now we are competing at the amateur level. Competing in online tournaments, local LANs, and major CWL events.

   Me: What’s the key to your success?

FLUX:  The key to our teams success comes from years of grinding and friendships outside the game which helps with teamwork in game.

   Me:Where do you see the team in five years?

FLUX:  In 5 years I see us competing at the professional level. We know we have the talent, we just have to put it all together and compete at every major event from here on out.

   Me: What do you enjoy the most about Call of Duty?

FLUX:  What I like the most about any game is the competition. I am a very competitive person as are my teammates, so whenever I can compete against other people and prove I am the best I will do everything in my power to win.

Once again, I offer a big welcome to the Hyper Call of Duty Team and I know I’ll be writing about their wins very shortly.

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