Feel the hype

Hyper Esports is a professional esports organization based deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Hyper currently fields teams in Overwatch, League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and sponsors individual competitors in the Apex Legends and Super Smash Brothers scene.

Our Woman owned organization seeks to empower all gamers, creating a healthier, more inclusive competitive field.

Here we come

Founded in 2015 as a marketing service Hyper experienced immense growth, amassing over 80k followers in our first year. As a white-label enterprise Hyper provided branding support, growth and retention metrics, as well as event support. What came next?

Our ownership dared to dream! In early 2018 Hyper re-founded itself as an esports organization and the rest is history we’re currently writing.

Mission Statement

Create an entry point into esports for leaders looking to create a career in the industry

Lead by example by being an organization that promotes positivity in the esports community

Promote women in esports by creating an environment of equality and visibility

Leadership Team

Stephanne L.


Owner, Esports Director

Logan M.


Director of Esports Marketing & Strategy

Ben M.


R6: Siege Team Manager

James R.


CS:GO Team Manager

Amber b.


Social Media Manager

Jesse N.



Jon M.



John M.


GFX Designer & Esports Consultant