Feel the hype

Hyper esports is a professional esports organization based in the United States. Hyper participates in a wide variety of games and is constantly looking to bring in the best players in their respective fields. With players from North America and a growing global following, Hyper Esports is looking to cement themselves as a mainstay in competitive esports.

Here we come

Hyper wasn’t always in the esports scene. In fact, the name started out in the retweet business on February 8th, 2015. Hyper was soon to grow enormously as a multifaceted organization offering services that include retweets for branding and exposure, tournament and event hosting, a full graphics team producing high-quality custom graphics and now as a serious competitor in the esports scene.

Mission Statement

Create an entry point into esports for leaders looking to create a career in the industry

Lead by example by being an organization that promotes positivity in the esports community

Promote women in esports by creating an environment of equality and visibility

Leadership Team

Stephanne L.


Owner, Esports Director

Logan M.


Director of Esports Marketing & Strategy

Ben M.


R6: Siege Team Manager

James R.


CS:GO Team Manager

Amber b.


Social Media Manager

Jesse N.



Jon M.



John M.


GFX Designer & Esports Consultant

Reid B.


Apex Legends Team Manager