After weeks of hard work and preparation, we are excited to finally share something big that we have been working on behind the scenes. The Hyper Esports brand that started in 2015 has grown and evolved over the years until today. We are excited to share something which we feel will herald the next step in Hyper’s evolution; a complete graphical rebrand, which we feel better reflects the organization’s tone and identity, “clean and positively charged”.

Simple, striking and eye-catchingly effective, John “Sage” Matthews (@gfxbysage) explains the process behind designing the new logo.

“Through dozens of iterations and explorations, we went into how we could represent HYPER through a single pictogram and we finally settled upon the new H logo. We wanted to create a clean and striking look, concentrating on the lighter values of our chosen color scheme. We achieved this goal not long after putting pencil to paper, setting the tone and splitting the first atom in Hyper’s bright future.”

CEO of Hyper Esports, Stephanne “Zillions” L’Hommedieu (@ZZillions) further explained the themes in the new design.

“Here at Hyper Esports, we have been working for months to unveil a branding update that reflects the approach to esports that most succinctly describes the tone and goals for the organization. The circle around our iconic “H” represents our well-rounded approach to esports. The diagonal going from lower-left to upper-right isn’t a traditional lightning bolt that comes from the sky: it’s representative of the path one might create for themselves while they #FeelTheHype and reach for their goals.”

The new logo will be the official face of Hyper Esports, and just the first of many steps being taken to continue to grow and build Hyper into a strong a flexible brand that promotes our values of positivity, inclusivity, and integrity. We want to thank our amazing community for their continued support and would love to hear your feedback on the new look. It is an exciting time for Hyper Esports so make sure you’re following us on our social links below:




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