Hey there Hyper family. In the past few weeks, there have been extensive discussions and hard work put into Hyper and the direction we as a staff group envision for the future. Through careful internal deliberation, we are announcing the following changes:

After consultation with the players, we are announcing Hyper’s formal withdrawal from the competitive Fortnite scene in both NA and OCE. In accordance with this, we will be releasing the following players: Swifty, Tsunami, Blessed, Lootcrate, and Zealous. Each of these players has demonstrated strong individual skill and passion and would be a fantastic addition to any team/organization. We wish all of these players the best of luck in the future endeavors and thank them for their contributions to Hyper.

Alongside this change, Deer (twitch.tv/thedeer) & Tom (twitch.tv/justtomoce) will be transitioning into a primarily content creator/streamer role at Hyper and we look forward to growing together with them going into the future. If you haven’t yet, follow them on Twitch. Finally, we will be parting ways with Ser Medieval and Turrellvision as members of our stream team. Both Medieval and Turrell have been exceptionally dedicated members of our community and we know they will continue to entertain and grow on Twitch.

We believe these changes will keep Hyper focused and competitive as we look to streamline our eSports department and continue building our presence on Twitch. We have some big announcements coming your way and we are excited to share everything we have been working on with you very soon.

The Hyper Staff Team ~