Hyper’s own Call of Duty team joined some of the best players around the World at the Call of Duty World League in Las Vegas. Our Team, consisting of Kyle “Shillin”, Dylan “Chamberz”, Duke “Graph”, Broosky “Eneq”, and Zach “Zachewawk”, stood confident as they faced against some of the Best Call of Duty Players out there. Hyper won their first round in the open winners round against MHP eSports in what became an exciting display of coordination and strategy. The Second round was a harder fight and Hyper lost the Second round against Giants.

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In the open losers bracket, Hyper kept their heads up high and the fingers on the buttons In the second round of the losers bracket, Hyper, more motivated and focused, took on and defeated Team Tynanps. Hyper’s esports path to the Losers Championship was halted in a hard fought battle with Impulse in the third round.

When I spoke with Team Manager Clay “Backwoods” about the overall performance of the team, he said, “They played well and tied the map 2-2. Sadly, the last round didn’t go in our favor, ending our CWL Vegas weekend. It was great experience for the team, and it should make CWL Fort Worth a lot more interesting for Hyper.”

While CWL Vegas may not have ended in Hyper’s Favor, the story of our great team is far from over. With Vegas in the rear view mirror, our eyes on on CWL Fort Worth. Stay tuned to #FeelTheHype!