Hyper’s Call of Duty team is back and better than ever!

CWL Vegas – here we come! Hyper Esports have acquired a team that is ready to make a name for themselves. The team consists of Duke “Graph” Bosley, Kyle “Shillin” Shilling, and Michael “Eneq” Brooks, who have been teaming since Call of Duty: WWII. Rounding out the team is Zach “EwawK” DeFries and in his first year competing, Dylan “Chamberz” Chambers. Duke “Graph” Bosley serves as captain of the team. With the team assembled and Black Ops 4 finally releasing, the team is ready to put in work.

The team’s first event will be CWL Vegas on December 7 – December 9. The squad has been hard at work since Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released. You can find the team grinding everyday and getting better at their craft. Look for this team to make some noise at CWL Vegas! With a new Call of Duty title finally here, the Call of Duty season is in full effect.

When asked what the team thought of Black Ops 4’s competitive side and thoughts on competing at future LAN events, the team had this to say.

Duke “Graph” Bosley: I think BO4 competitively can be the best Call of Duty to date. It’s still early on and there needs to be some tweaks to the game and rule set. But the game itself is great. Seeing Scump hit 100k+ last night just shows me that Call of Duty is in for a good year. Competing on LAN is so much fun. It brings out the best in everyone and sometimes the worst. But the best team in that match really does win. There are no excuses when you’re there. I think the most underrated thing from LAN events is that you’re in an atmosphere where everyone that’s there is there because they have the same passion as you do… competing. And I think that’s just really great.

Dylan “Chamberz” Chambers: I personally love it. A few bans to the ruleset and I really feel like we have the greatest year of Call of Duty yet. This game feels so smooth to play, and so entertaining to watch and study. Call of Duty esports is back this year and I’m excited to be apart of it. I’ve never played at a Major event but boy am I excited to play at Vegas. I thrive in those hype atmospheres and I really think it’s gonna make me play my best Call of Duty and we’re gonna turn some heads at Vegas. Just the thought of sitting down at the station and putting your headset on and cranking it up and locking in, it’s just you and the game and some of your best friends having a great time doing what you all love to do, gives me chills. I can’t wait.

Michael “Eneq” Brooks: I think the competitive side of Call of Duty is in an interesting place right now. I feel like in the current state, it’s a little too much like a pub, but I think with a few minor tweaks, it could be incredible. This game so far is shaping up to be an amazing game and Treyarch never disappoints, so I’m really excited. In terms of competing, this past year was my first time competing on LAN. I’ve always been a super competitive person so being able to show up to LAN and prove I’m better than someone else was an awesome feeling and I can’t wait to do it again. The whole atmosphere is awesome. Everyone there is there for the same reason. The trash talk is my favorite part. During the match there’s no mercy, but the second the match is done, that’s all over. Everyone is friends again. It’s really a cool situation. I also couldn’t be more excited for Vegas. First event of the year, a chance to prove our talent, and of course it’s Vegas.

Kyle “Shillin” Shilling: Black Ops 4 competitive is going to be really exciting. Treyarch games always bring in a lot of spectators and a lot of new people coming to competitive. Coming from WW2, everyone has a lot to learn going into this fast paced 5v5 game. CWL Las Vegas is going to be an amazing event. Whoever learns the game the fastest is going to be best suited for Vegas and other early events. With this team, we all put in the time in and out of playing to learn everything we can.

More importantly, Zach “EwawK” DeFries shared the most interesting thought from the entire team.

Zach “EwawK” DeFries: My job is to make sure Dylan doesn’t pee his pants.

There you have it folks! With CWL Vegas getting closer and closer, the team continues their grind.

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