Hyper is very proud to announce that we have welcomed a Call of Duty team into our organization. The team is comprised of four very talented individuals, FLUX, JXHMPZ. DRRXW And LUKU! I was able to sit down with FLUX and ask him a few questions about him and the team.

   Me: How long have you been a team?

FLUX: We have had the same team of 3 since the beginning of the game in November (jxhmpz, luku, me). We have Been playing as a team of 4 with DRRXW for about a month now.

   Me: How did you guys meet?

FLUX:We all met about 3 years ago at a local lan and have been friends ever since. We played games all the time even before teaming.

   Me: What level of competition do you guys compete in?

FLUX:  Right now we are competing at the amateur level. Competing in online tournaments, local LANs, and major CWL events.

   Me: What’s the key to your success?

FLUX:  The key to our teams success comes from years of grinding and friendships outside the game which helps with teamwork in game.

   Me:Where do you see the team in five years?

FLUX:  In 5 years I see us competing at the professional level. We know we have the talent, we just have to put it all together and compete at every major event from here on out.

   Me: What do you enjoy the most about Call of Duty?

FLUX:  What I like the most about any game is the competition. I am a very competitive person as are my teammates, so whenever I can compete against other people and prove I am the best I will do everything in my power to win.

Once again, I offer a big welcome to the Hyper Call of Duty Team and I know I’ll be writing about their wins very shortly.