After a very brief interview with Hyper Esports new halo team and their captain, it seems they have what it takes to go far in the industry. Now I haven’t seen them play but the captain seemed very confident in their abilities to perform when it counts.The current captain is Vinny Caruana, also know as “Random Nadez.” He also has been interested in Halo esports since Halo 3 so he has prior knowledge in the game that will hopefully bring Hyper a championship win.

During the Interview I asked him some basic questions and they are as follows:

What is your history with halo? With competitive eSports?

“My history with Halo all started around Halo 3 where I played competitively. this was the start of it all and this is what showed me that I loved to compete in video gaming. Specifically Halo. I remember those long nights of grinding at 4 in the morning. I’ve played the other Halo titles just as much. Halo Reach. Halo 4. Halo MCC. And now Halo 5. Halo 5 is where I have had the most event experience. I think it’s absolutely incredible how eSports has grown over the years. The fact that people are now able to make a comfortable living off of this is remarkable. I love video games because they are my escape from reality.”

Tell me about your team.

“My team is freaking awesome. It’s really funny because I have history with all of these players. At one point I had each of them as my duo. Now being able to put them all together on a squad is exciting. My team is very mature. We understand what it takes to get the W. We are all able to listen and learn and grow as a unit. We put together this team to make a statement.”

Do you believe you have a shot at winning future tournaments with them? Have you guys won any smaller tournaments?

“I believe that when it all comes down to it, whichever team executes the best when that time comes, is the team that’s going to win. So hell yea I feel if we execute the way we know how then we can turn heads.

We have not competed in a tournament yet with this team. However all of us on the team have won an online tournament but nothing extremely big.”

What is one of your team practices like and how often do you practice?

“We practice everyday. The way we practice is by playing a few games and then depending if we lose a game or if we win a game we go into film and adjust from there. Looking at where can we improve. Where can we place ourselves. How can we make the game run smoother for us.”