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Hyper Rebrand Unveiled

After weeks of hard work and preparation, we are excited to finally share something big that we have been working on behind the scenes. The Hyper Esports brand that started in 2015 has grown and evolved over the years until today. We are excited to share something...

Hyper Esports & Streaming Update

Hey there Hyper family. In the past few weeks, there have been extensive discussions and hard work put into Hyper and the direction we as a staff group envision for the future. Through careful internal deliberation, we are announcing the following changes: After...

Twitter Giveaway

Hey Hyper Fans! Our Twitter account has been updated to @FeelTheHypeGG and we're giving away a customized jersey to celebrate! Check it out!

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Hyper Discord

The Hyper Community discord is a place for aspiring streamers to come and further their dream. We provide a fun and toxic free environment for streamers to connect with other streamers, and get the feedback and support they need to grow their channel.

Featured Streamer


Wassup! Name is Sidkriken but everyone calls me Sid or Krikey for short. I’m 22 and I’m currently located in Pennsylvania, USA. I’m a variety streamer and content creator and I’ve been streaming since 2010 on Twitch when it first started originally on JTV. But when I was younger managed to upgrade to a better computer and have been making videos on YouTube since 2012.

I’ve always enjoyed creating content and revolving around two of my favorite things to do which is play video games, being entertaining and interacting with people! I’m into always trying new games and such and don’t mind a competitive FPS or two to show some skills and “get gud” here or there. But there’s always my inner nerdy side calling me for a good RPG game once in a while.