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Hey Hyper Fans! Our Twitter account has been updated to @FeelTheHypeGG and we're giving away a customized jersey to celebrate! Check it out!

CS:GO Season 30 Preview

Season 30 of the ESEA League is fast approaching and one team looking to take the Intermediate League by storm is Hyper’s own CS:GO team!

Welcome Sidkriken!!

Here at Hyper Esports we've got a truly majestic addition to our streaming team with Sidkriken. You can learn all about Sid over here on our Streamers page! Be sure to catch Sidkriken on Twitch and Twitter! #FeelTheHype !⚡ And if you're interested in joining Hyper...

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Hyper Discord

The Hyper Community discord is a place for aspiring streamers to come and further their dream. We provide a fun and toxic free environment for streamers to connect with other streamers, and get the feedback and support they need to grow their channel.

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I’ve always loved the Medieval era, seemed like things were more simple back then. Even with all the issues with disease and hardship I still envy that period of time. And it’s one I wish I lived in. I needed to find a way to express what I want to be and what I believe in.

So I chose Ser Medieval so I could aspire to have the qualities of a knight in the modern era. And express myself doing what I love best, gaming! As cheesy as that sounds.

Hail m’ lords and ladies, name’s Medieval.

Variety Content Creator (PC),Game Reviews, Game Guides, Gaming News, Let’s Plays
22 YO, my favorite genres of games include RPGs, MMORPGs, Sandboxes, Action Games, and in the future, VR Games. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!